• The School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS

  • Making MTSS Work (published fall 2020)


Tier 2 & 3 Supports

Identifying and Supporting Students with Elevated Needs

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MTSS Alignment

  • Comprehensive School Counseling  & MTSS alignment

  • Culturally Sustaining MTSS


Universal Mental Health Screening

  • Resilience, mental health, MTSS measures


Tier 1 Supports

  • Building Strong Systems and Prevention

  • Classroom Management


Other Topics

  • Trauma Informed MTSS

  • SEL

Our work group frequently presents at national and state conferences, for professional organizations, such as school counseling associations, departments of education, and school districts. We regularly provide professional development, keynotes, pre-conference sessions, and on-going book studies on topics such as:​​​




MTSS and Mental Health Alignment

Sonoma Valley School District, CA

September 2020

Goodman-Scott, E., Olsen, J., Betters-Bubon, J. & Donohue, P.

School Counseling and MTSS Alignment

Hazelwood School District, MO

August 2020

Olsen, J. & Betters-Bubon, J.

Trauma Informed MTSS in the Transition Back to School

Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

July 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

Comprehensive school counseling programs: Alignment & integration 

Sun Prairie Public Schools, WI

Sept 2019-May 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

A school counselor's guide to check in check out

Orange County Counselor Symposium 

November 2019

Olsen, J.

School counseling program data-based goal setting and culturally responsive practice

Hart Union High School District, CA

September 2019

Olsen, J. & PIanta, R.

School counselor led tier 2 interventions 

Temple City Unified School District, CA

May 2019

Olsen, J.

Aligning MTSS and school counseling programs:More than "just one more thing" 

Invited two-day training for the Utah State Board of Education 

January 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

Going back to school: Planning strategies for school counselors.

Invited Webinar for the Kentucky Department of Education

July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

MTSS considerations for school counselors as we go back to school. 

Invited Webinar for the Tennessee School Counselor Association

July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

Renewing your sense of why:  Reinvigorating your School Counselor Role

Wisconsin School Counseling Pre-Conference Workshop

February 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

Who's got time for prevention?

Invited keynote at the 70th Annual Kansas Conference for School Counselors

November 2019

Goodman-Scott, E.

Digging deeper into the tier 2 intervention process: Assessing readiness and collecting process, perception, and outcome data

CA MTSS Professional Learning Institute

July 2019

Olsen, J.

Making MTSS Work

National webinar-American School Counselor Association

July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E., Betters-Bubon, J., Pianta, R., Olsen, J., Donohue, P., & Edirmanasinghe, N.

Culturally Responsive MTSS for school counselors

American School Counselor Association Conference

July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E., Betters-Bubon, J., Olsen, J., & Donohue, P.

Trauma Informed MTSS 

American School Counselor Association Conference

July 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

MTSS considerations for re-entering the school year: Building strong systems and trauma-informed practices.

Invited webinar-Association for Child and Adolescent Counseling.

July 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.& Goodman-Scott, E.

Training preservice school counselors to be leaders and change agents utilizing MTSS.

Invited webinar for the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

December 2020

Goodman-Scott, E., Betters-Bubon, J., Donohue, P., & Olsen, J.

Training school counselors to be collaborative leaders in MTSS

Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

October 2019

Betters-Bubon, J., Goodman-Scott, E., & Donohue, P.


Enjoyed how you aligned the ideas of MTSS and the work school counselors do. Appreciated the discussion on cultural awareness and how to make sure our common expectations and language are relevant to our communities
and the students and families
we work with!

ASCA conference attendee

I am facilitating a book study [on A School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS] with administrators, school counselors, a school psychologist, a behavior specialist, and more… I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have found the text because it is helping us as a school counseling team put some things in place that I personally have been advocating for, for the last 23 years, but which has fallen upon deaf ears. Their eyes and ears are being opened and for that I am so excited!”

A middle school counselor

This was the best sectional I went to at this conference. I could have gone to a whole day training on this subject. Thank you for the work you do on MTSS, I left feeling good knowing that I have a lot of things in place that fall into the MTSS category. I can’t wait to read the book!

ASCA conference attendee