Consulting and Professional Development


  • The School Counselor’s Guide to MTSS

  • Making MTSS Work 


Tier 2 & 3 Supports

Identifying and Supporting Students with Elevated Needs

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MTSS Alignment

  • Comprehensive School Counseling  & MTSS alignment

  • Culturally Sustaining & Antiracist MTSS


Universal Mental Health Screening

  • Resilience, mental health, Intervention planning


Tier 1 Supports

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Classroom Management

  • Tier 1 Mental Health


Other Topics

  • Trauma Informed MTSS

  • SC: Principal Collaboration & Advocacy

Our work group frequently provides professional development for professional organizations, such as school counseling associations, departments of education, and school districts. Our professional development, keynotes, pre-conference sessions, and on-going book studies include virtual and in-person options on many topics (see below).

We hosted a summer workshop in 2021 for school counselors, school psychologists, social workers and teachers on MTSS and Mental Health.

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MTSS/PBIS & School Counseling Alignment

Region 19-TX February 2020-current

Betters-Bubon, J., Goodman-Scott, E., Olsen, J., & Donohue, P.

MTSS, Mental Health Alignment, & Trauma

Fayette County School District, July 2021

Donohue, P., Goodman-Scott, E.,  Betters-Bubon, J. & Edirmanasinghe, N.

MTSS Alignment for Student Wellness Teams

Sonoma Valley School District, CA

September 2020-May 2021

Goodman-Scott, E., Olsen, J., Betters-Bubon, J. & Donohue, P.

School Counseling and MTSS Alignment

Hazelwood School District, MO

August 2020

Olsen, J. & Betters-Bubon, J.

Trauma Informed MTSS in the Transition Back to School

Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

July 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

Comprehensive school counseling programs: Alignment & Integration 

Sun Prairie Public Schools, WI

Sept 2019-May 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

A school counselor's guide to check in check out

Orange County Counselor Symposium 

November 2019

Olsen, J.

School counseling program data-based goal setting and culturally responsive practice

Hart Union High School District, CA

September 2019

Olsen, J. & PIanta, R.

School counselor led tier 2 interventions 

Temple City Unified School District, CA

May 2019

Olsen, J.

Aligning MTSS and school counseling programs:More than "just one more thing" 

Invited two-day training for the Utah State Board of Education; January 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

Going back to school: Planning strategies for school counselors.

Invited Webinar for the Kentucky Department of Education, July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

MTSS considerations for school counselors as we go back to school. 

Invited Webinar for the Tennessee School Counselor Association, July 2020

Goodman-Scott, E.

Renewing your sense of why: Reinvigorating your School Counselor Role

Wisconsin School Counseling Pre-Conference Workshop

February 2020

Betters-Bubon, J.

Who's got time for prevention?

Invited keynote at the 70th Annual Kansas Conference for School Counselors, November 2019

Goodman-Scott, E.

Digging deeper into the tier 2 intervention process: Assessing readiness and collecting process, perception, and outcome data

CA MTSS Professional Learning Institute, July 2019

Olsen, J.

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