Our Mission

We work with educators to align/integrate culturally sustaining MTSS and school counseling programs to meet the needs of ALL students. 

We focus our writing and research on multi-tiered systems of support for school counselors for the following reasons:


  • 01.


    We believe that culturally sustaining MTSS is an effective way to ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. 

  • 02.


    We believe that building culturally sustaining MTSS in schools is an effective way to approach prevention for all students and intervention for students with the highest needs. 

  • 03.


    We believe that effectively engaging in MTSS in schools increases a school counselor’s capacity to serve students, staff and families.

  • 04.


    We believe that effectively engaging in building MTSS in schools ensures that school counselors and implementation teams are consistently attentive to and use data to promote equity in schools.

  • 05.


    We believe that MTSS in schools fosters better collaboration amongst staff and helps improve school relationships.


The School Counselor's Guide to MTSS

This book provides an overview of the what and the why behind the alignment of school counseling programs and MTSS. Written by school counselor educators and school counselors, it provides ample examples of alignment across universal, tier 2/3 evidence based practices, data, and collaboration strategies.

Making MTSS Work

Making MTSS Work provides the how to MTSS. Using examples from school districts across the country, the authors outline best practices in alignment to ensure school counselors work smarter not harder. 


District School

Counseling Leader and School Counseling Adjunct Professor

 It’s [The School Counselor's Guide to MTSS] one of the best books out there in the field of school counseling. I love how nicely it aligns with PBIS. I am all about doing things with fidelity and this book did just that. It needs to be in the hands of all school counselors. It will be the required text for one of the courses I teach.

School Counselor

This book changed the way I approach my work as a school counselor. It provides excellent ways in which to align what we already do with others in the building.

District School

Counseling Leader

My school counseling team was able to advocate for our role in MTSS in a way we never have before. I can't tell you what that means to me and to us. Not only that, but our admins were excited by the discussion and look forward to next week's meeting AND they suggested we create an action plan/next steps at the end of every discussion! 


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