Our research related to MTSS is ongoing. Scroll to read more about current research projects, MTSS related publications and conference presentations. Please contact us to discuss or work!

Antiracist MTSS

We are engaged in continuous work related to ensuring MTSS is both culturally sustaining and antiracist, with two forthcoming articles:

Natalie Edirmanasinghe, Emily Goodman-Scott, & Stephanie Smith-Durkin (in press). “Supporting All Students: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support from an Antiracist Lens” Professional School Counselor.

Jennifer Betters-Bubon, Rebecca Pianta, Damien Sweeney & Emily Goodman-Scott (forthcoming). Antiracism Starts With Us: School Counselor Critical Reflection within an MTSS Framework. Professional School Counselor.

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School Counseling and MTSS Alignment Instrument

Drs. Goodman-Scott, Olsen and Betters-Bubon are piloting an alignment instrument that will help school counselors examine strengths and areas of future growth in the alignment of school counseling programs and MTSS. Anticipated completion: Spring 2022

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Culturally Sustaining Tiered Interventions

Dr. Jake Olsen is leading research on culturally sustaining and evidence based Tier 2/3 interventions.

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2022

Universal Screening

Drs. Goodman-Scott, Donohue and Betters-Bubon are analyzing data from a qualitative study: The lived experiences related to implementing Universal Mental Health Screening processes in K-12 schools.  

Anticipated Completion: Spring 2022


Collaborative Work from SC4MTSS:

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Other Seminal Works on MTSS/PBIS

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ASCA Conference Attendee

This was the best sectional I went to at this conference. I could have gone to a whole day training on this subject. Thank you for the work you do on MTSS, I left feeling good knowing that I have a lot of things in place that fall into the MTSS category. I can’t wait to read the book!

EBSCC Conference Attendee

Loved the focus on antiracism and culturally sustaining elements in MTSS

ASCA Conference Attendee

Enjoyed how you aligned the ideas of MTSS and the work school counselors do. Appreciated the discussion on cultural awareness and how to make sure our common expectations and language are relevant to our communities and the students and families we work with!