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School Counselors for MTSS and INUA Group present:

Supporting Students' Mental Health Through MTSS: Planning for Fall

Calling all School Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologists and Support Staff!

Are you wondering how to meet the needs of students, staff and families in the midst of COVID-19 and school reopening?  Join us virtually for  an inspiring line up of topics focused on mental health within the MTSS framework.  

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Monday,  August 16th-Content Sessions

 Tuesday, August, 17th-Optional Team Coaching

Previously offered:  June 23rd & 24th, 2021 

Attend 1 or 2 sessions, a full day or both days!

$42.00 for an individual session or $142.20 for the full day on Day 1. 


The full day option includes the choice of 3 content topics and a roundtable.

Content topics are described below.
The roundtable allows participants to engage in question & answer and resource sharing around a particular topic of interest.

Pick and choose topics to support your systems building on the registration page.
Please note: we recommend attending a Roundtable related to a session topic you attended (e.g., Attend Tier 2 content session and later attend the Tier 2 Roundtable)

Day 2 is optional and includes coaching sessions for $125/team.

All available to you virtually via the zoom platform (links provided after registration).

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MTSS & School Counseling Alignment

Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott

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Universal Screening & MTSS

Dr. Peg Donohue

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Counseling Strategies

Dr. Bella Bikowsky

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The Impact of Injustice

Dr. Natalie Edirmanasinghe & Dr. Damien Sweeney

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Trauma Informed MTSS

Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon

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Supporting Students Mental Health with Tier 2 Systems & Practices

Dr. Jake Olsen

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Suicide & Depression

Dr. Rebecca Pianta


Day 2: Specialized Coaching Sessions-



MTSS and School Counseling Alignment: How do they fit together?  Maximizing Your Time Through Leading Culturally Sustaining Change

Dr. Emily Goodman-Scott

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Are you overtaxed? Too many tasks and not enough time? Do you feel like you cannot do one more thing? High ratios, burn-out, rising mental health needs. We get it. Let's talk about maximizing your time and efforts, how to work smarter not harder. In this session, we'll discuss what MTSS is and how it aligns with the work you are already doing. Leave with concrete ideas and tools that you can kick into gear tomorrow. Learn tips for increasing your leadership in making culturally sustaining, systemic change in your school.

Trauma Informed MTSS

Dr. Jennifer Betters-Bubon

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The last year has brought collective trauma as we navigate a global pandemic, racial trauma and economic uncertainty. School counselors can serve as experts in integrating trauma informed efforts to address student and educator trauma across MTSS. This session will include an overview of trauma and the impact on the brain as well as strategies to meet the learning, social/emotional, and behavioral needs of all, some and few in K-12 settings. Plan on leaving with trauma informed strategies and a continued plan for self-care.

Universal Screening and MTSS

Dr. Peg


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Universal screening is a key component of MTSS. The focus of this session includes exploring the benefits of universally screening students K-12 for mental health concerns as part of a comprehensive school counseling program. Plan on discussing the school counselor's role in selecting and implementing an appropriate universal screener as part of a multi-disciplinary school-based team and examining a case study from one school district.

Supporting Student Mental Health Needs with Tier 2 Systems & Practices

Dr. Jake


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School counselors and support staff can align their programs with the MTSS framework to effectively meet the academic, career and social/emotional needs of all students and to address students' mental health needs. These supports are critical given the increased stress and trauma many students face as a result of the global pandemic, virtual learning, racial justice movement, and other events in their lives. Gain concrete and practical strategies to  fine tune your  Tier 2 supports,  including collecting data to identify students, selecting evidence-based interventions and making data-based decisions.

Counseling Strategies

Dr. Bella


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With schools in heightened emotional states from the global pandemic: COVID-19, this session will include an introduction to the most prevalent mental health conditions that schools are facing, including anxiety, depression, and executive functioning challenges. A focus will be on both internalizing and externalizing behaviors that are present for students and the use of cognitive behavioral skills for educators in positions supporting targeted mental health for students. A strong emphasis will be on supporting these skills within the MTSS framework.

Suicide & Depression (August workshop only)

Dr. Rebecca Pianta

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Suicide is currently the 2nd leading cause of death among youths and young adults 10-24 years of age. Being prepared with a well-defined plan for suicide prevention, intervention and postvention are critical. Learn about suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention through MTSS and walk away with practical strategies to address suicide. After attending this session, participants will be able to: 1) Understand suicide prevention awareness strategies. 2) Understand how to screen for students who may be at-risk. 3) Identify how to assess and intervene with those at-risk. 4) Explain postvention supports after a suicide.

The Impact of Injustice: Creating Cultural Sustainability & Courageous Conversations

Dr. Natalie Edirmanasinghe & Dr. Damien Sweeney

Image by Kalea Morgan

The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and many more have caused race-based stress and trauma across the nation. School counselors have a unique role in schools, working as cultural liaisons as well as advocates for the mental health needs of students. In this session, we will define culturally sustaining school counseling, learn how to review your current program and ensure that it is supporting a welcoming  and safe environment for all students, especially those who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and speak multiple languages. We will also discuss how to facilitate courageous conversations about race within MTSS.

Specialized Coaching Sessions 

Varies by topic


On day 2, register for optional 1 hour 15 minute coaching session(s) on the topic of your choice. Designed for school or district teams to address your most pressing MTSS implementation challenges. Engage in problem solving with experts in the field.  

Register early--these sessions will sell out!




Individual Sessions: $42.00 each 

Full Day: 3 content & 1 roundtable: $142.20

Day 2 Coaching Session: $125.00/team

Ask your principal or administration if there are DEI funds to cover this professional development!

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